British Royalty, The Crown

Thoughts and Questions I had while watching The Crown while recovering from a sinus infection:

1. Americans always say we don’t want British healthcare because it sucks. The Queen is 91 and Prince Philip is 96. It can’t be that bad.
2. Do they get sinus infections in Britain? It seems like it is cold all the time.
3. I would hate being surrounded by all those people.
4. I think I might be lying. It would nice to have someone cook for me, pick out my clothes, do my wash, pay my bills, and clean up my messes. I would hate having someone wake me up in the mornings, literally dress me, help me brush my teeth, and open doors for me in my own house.
5. Why does the Queen take her purse with her to audiences? She is in her own house.
6. I love the idea of having separate bedrooms from your spouse. I do think it would be better to have three bedrooms-one bedroom for me, one bedroom for my spouse, and another bedroom for recreational activities. The recreational bedroom could be used to watch movies while eating popcorn, having sex, or simply taking a nap with each other. That way, there would be no arguing which bed was going to have crumbs in it or get messy. It would always be the recreational bed.
7. I adore the idea of having a nanny. I must admit I would have been a terrible mother if I had a nanny because I would have been a Diva Mother. “She is crying. Please take her back to the nursery.” “Oh my! He certainly smells. Back to the nursery.” “Is that dried snot on her face? No. I must not get sick. Take her back!” My poor hypothetical children would know me as the mother that waved them away for the slightest of reasons.
8. The jewelry. I hunger for a life in which I could wear a tiara for whatever reason.
9. I am not a fan of corgis, but I loved the Lab puppies. It would be marvelous to have puppies that someone else walked and trained but I got to play with them. And, her horses. Sitting next to the Queen during horse races must be a trip.
10. Hunting, not so much. It just seems so dreary in Scotland with the fog and the cold. Everything is so drab. Who would even want to get up so early to hunt?
11. Why does Queen Elizabeth II wear skirts even in the country? And does she ever get to just put on some lounge pants and a t-shirt and just laze around? Even when she is pregnant and dozing on the couch, she is wearing a dress.
12. I can’t imagine sitting still for paintings.
13. I would love to drink with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.
14. I would love to somehow get Tommy Lascelles to tell all of his secrets to me. He couldn’t even really retire because he knew where all the bodies were buried.
15. The Duke of Windsor is scathing. He was a terrible person, but his letters were pure gold.
16. The immense span of history that the Queen and the Prince have lived is breathtaking. The amount of historical knowledge in their heads must be overwhelming. I can’t imagine meeting Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Kennedy, and all the other famous people she has met.

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