Tinder messaging was created by Satan (along with pinterest)

I do not understand the “hi” beginning introduction. It has to be the laziest fucking way to start a conversation. There is nothing there that shows time and effort. It is Tinder so I know that criticism is counter-intuitive, but at least try. There could be “Hi. I love your profile pics.” “Hi. How are you today?” “Hey, my day is going great. How about yours?” “Hey, my day is in the shitter. I hope yours is better.” Nope. Too much work. Just “Hi.”

Even worse is when they continue the conversation with “Morning.” Dude, you already said hi. Quit being vague. Say something solid here. I went out on a date once with a guy and, for two solid days after our date, all he sent me was emojis and selfies. I spent a day sending emojis back thinking surely he would break. Of course he didn’t. I finally asked him how he was taking all the selfies because some were like in weird positions. His replay was selfie stick. That’s just too much. He spent more time taking photos of himself than even trying to have a conversation. If his cellphone ever breaks, he will have to find some new hobby or just shrivel up and die.

Generally, I respond to see how long they can go. Obviously, this guy couldn’t go the distance. He fluttered out after “Morning.” One simple job-talk to a woman over the internet must be impossible for some men. Of all the messages, the “Hi” is the one that bothers me the most. I’ll even take a “Wanna fuck?” over an “Hi” because it takes some effort. Plus, they have already shown who they are so it’s easier to block.


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