The Underwear Dilemma

In the winter, I am a basic white girl on the weekends. I wear leggings and an ironic t-shirt/sweatshirt everywhere. Everyone knows I am coming because my uggs slowly drag on the floor. It takes too much energy to properly walk. I don’t care if my butt shows when I wear them. The stains from painting in them and dropping food on them doesn’t matter because they are memories of the good times we’ve had. There is no shame in my game. Stare away, Kroger shoppers. Basic white girls have to eat too.

Recently, I was in a predicament. I had two events to attend back to back because that’s my life right now. One was casual and the other was dressy. Like the rockstar that I am, I packed a bag to change between my events. I had makeup, hair stuff, accessories, deodorant, boots,  a hairbrush and a cute dress. I was prepared. Well, I wasn’t because I forgot a crucial piece of my outfit. Underwear. I thought maybe I could get away with it but, when I bent over, there was air on my ass. Since the event was at a church, it was quite the predicament. Luckily, I have great friends that are willing to stop at Dollar General and buy me underwear. Not a single one of them I asked if I had pooped my pants. I love their trust in me.

I never wear underwear under my leggings. It just seems restrictive. Athletic leggings, regular leggings–its all free-range which is the beauty of leggings. When I told this story to some of my friends, there were questions about my undergarment usage. Girl, please. I don’t even wear a bra or brush my hair unless I am going somewhere other than Target, Kroger, or the gym. I have very low grooming standards for myself on my downtime. In fact, if I shower at anytime other than the morning, my children ask where if I have a date.

So, the question of the day is: Do you wear underwear with your leggings? What is your weekend outfit? I absolutely consider leggings are pants. People will have to pry my collection of leggings from my cold, dead hands. I did just buy some soft cotton joggers, and they are the bomb. I love them. I don’t wear underwear with them either.

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